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Build a sexy, sultry, soulful voice in 6 weeks.

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Build a sexy, sultry, soulful voice during this six week Singing Academy with vocal coach and professional singer Nicola Milan.

With fun sing-along classes and downloadable practice tracks and songs to work with, you'll discover how to unlock your voice and break through vocal issues that have been holding you back.

By the end of this course you will have:

  1. Discovered how your voice works, and how to get it to do what you want.
  2. Developed a killer vocal tone through targeted exercises designed to unlock your voice and help you sing freely through your registers.
  3. Have an understanding of how to use vocal technique to sing in a polished and professional way.
  4. Begin delivering your songs with feeling to have your audience hanging on your every word.
  5. You'll also learn three jazz songs to add to your performance repertoire by the end of the Academy, including charts for your band to use!



My Singing Academy is perfect for you if you are either a beginner singer looking to improve your voice, or if you've been singing for a while and you are still struggling with vocal tension, breaks and other annoying issues that are holding you back.



  • Discover how your body works when you sing and learn to tap into the key muscle groups that you MUST develop to sing well.
  • Eliminate pitch problems by mastering breath control.
  • Learn how to use your breath to support your notes and gain power.
  • Discover how to hold your notes for longer and never feel like you ‘don’t have enough breath’ again!


  • Get rid of vocal cracking and sore throats by warming up the right way.
  • Ensure your voice stays healthy, safe from injury.
  • No more phlegm! Discover the best food and drink for your voice and which things you should avoid at all costs.
  • Practice Hacks: Learn how to make your practice so effective you advance rapidly and see results, fast.


  • Discover your vocal range and find your ‘Magic Range’ – the most beautiful range of your voice.
  • Learn to use both your head and chest voice notes and switch between the two with more control.
  • Sing through vocal breaks: sing from low to high without gaps or sounding clunky.
  • Get rid of vocal tension for good! Sing effortlessly through your range without your notes getting ‘stuck’ in your throat.


  • Develop a beautiful vocal tone by using your muscles correctly
  • Get rid of nasal tone! Discover why some people sound nasal and others don’t and what you can do to keep your tone sounding clear and open.
  • Gain control over the strength of your notes.


  • Discover how to build a sound that is unique to you.
  • Use vocal technique to make your singing sound polished and professional
  • Start to build strength across your entire vocal range


Throughout the Academy, we apply technique to songs as we go. In this week we put everything we have learned together.

  • Use dynamics to bring your song to life
  • Discover how to 'tell a story' to have your audience hanging off your every word
  • Deep dive into the techniques your favourite jazz and blues artists use and learn all their singing tricks!

"Nicola's singing academy will help you to use your vocal instrument and will make you understand it thoroughly. The knowledge I've gained from Nicola’s clear and concise instruction is invaluable.

The lessons in the Academy have broken down my bad singing habits and have instilled great ones to take my singing from mediocre to decent. Whether you’re just starting out as a singer or are looking to hone your technique, Nicola's Singing Academy will take you to the level you’ve been aching to reach. I speak personally when I say that I smashed through my vocal goals and had to create new ones as the course went on!"

- Gabrielle Matos, Academy Student

"Nicola Milan's Singing Academy has been the answer to a prayer. I've learnt so much about my voice and placing. I can now listen to my favourite singers with a different ear and know how they are producing their sound. Nicola is helpful, personable and ads the right amount of humour to the course to make it fun as well as informative"

- Donna Rae Wells, Country and Gospel Singer

Course Curriculum

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Your Instructor

Nicola Milan
Nicola Milan

Professional jazz singer, vocal coach and songwriter signed to ORiGiN Music Publishing, Nicola has toured internationally, had three studio releases and has had her songs played on the radio around the world.

Since 2008 Nicola has been helping other singers to build amazing voices and start performing themselves and she prides on helping her singers to not only achieve voices that people will pay to listen to, but she arms her students with the confidence, knowledge and tools they need to succeed in the music industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and you get an entire year of access. After one year you will be notified that your enrolment is coming to an end and there will be extension options available if you would like to keep your access for a little longer.

Do online singing lessons actually work? Isn't singing at a regular lesson with a teacher better?
Online singing lessons absolutely do work! Many of my students have had some amazing results to prove it, but here's the thing; when you go to a regular singing lesson you usually find your teacher by word of mouth or you see an ad somewhere online. So you rock up, not knowing how good your teacher is, whether they are experienced, what their teaching style is or whether you're going to get results.
You shell out between $60-$200 EVERY LESSON and what usually happens 90% of the time is that sure, you end up having fun and you get all enthusiastic and feel like you're moving forward but after a couple of months you plateau and don't feel like you're improving anymore. You've spent a good $1000 or more on lessons by this stage and now you can't get past some 'vocal blocks' like vocal tension, or a big vocal break or you can't sing any higher.
In fact, after spending all that cash on private lessons, all you've developed are bad vocal habits. Why? Because your teacher probably wasn't experienced, hasn't trained professionally and hasn't taught you correctly. I see it happen all the time. In fact, this happened to me. I spent thousands of dollars on singing lessons over the years and out of all the teachers I tried, only two were halfway decent and even those two were only good at teaching song delivery. They didn't know anything about the physiology of how your voice actually works and weren't able to help me work through basic problems like my vocal break. I literally had to figure this stuff out on my own, and it took YEARS.
Learning to sing online inside my Singing Academy will arm you with the knowledge about how your voice actually works which will do two things: You will understand why you have developed vocal blocks and what you need to do to move through them. You'll never be 'singing blind' again. If you do decide to work with a private singing teacher at the same time as the Academy, it will make your lessons so much more effective because you'll know the hard-core basics of singing (i.e how your instrument works) and you'll be able to spend your lessons polishing songs up with them.

How will I know if I'm doing the exercises correctly?
In the video tutorials I give you examples of both 'the right way' and 'the wrong way' and I'll explain how it FEELS when you are singing correctly so instead of just saying 'use your chest voice', I show you exactly how to activate it and explain how it feels and how it should sound when you are using it correctly.
You also have the option of having a Vocal Assessment. I will listen to your singing and send you a detailed report on exactly what you're doing right and wrong and I'll give you exercises to move forward. Students have said that even though they knew what they were doing wrong, from learning how in the Academy, the Vocal Assessment gave them peace of mind that they were on the track.

I don't have time right now to focus on singing, as much as I'd like to. Will I fall behind in the material and miss out?
You get access to the Academy for a full year so if life gets in the way and you don't have time to do your singing practice then you can take a break and come back to the material when you have time.

How do the vocal assessments work exactly?
During Week Four of the Academy, I'll send you an email to let you know its Vocal Assessment time. We do them in Week Four so you can take the feedback I give you and apply it to the rest of the Academy. Its the fastest way to improve and make sure you're on the right track!
You'll send me a recording of your singing (on an iPhone is fine) and then I'll send you a detailed email explaining what is happening with your voice and where I can hear areas for improvement. The Vocal Assessments take me around 30-40 minutes to prepare, so a lot of love goes into them!
Please note, that your Assessment is TIME SENSITIVE. This means that, although you have a year to complete the Academy, you will need to send me your Vocal Assessment before Week Six of the Academy ends. This is so you can get the maximum benefit of receiving instruction as you learn but also so I can keep up with the demands of doing the Assessments on my time. Its something I feel is highly valuable to you and so I want to be able to continue to offer them, but there's only one of me so this time sensitivity helps me cope with the workload.

I'd like to do the lessons but I just can't afford it. Won't I get as much benefit from your free YouTube singing videos?
Inside the Academy we go deep into aspects of singing that I only touch on in my YouTube videos. This is because learning how to sing is a process and I show you a step-by-step method to relaxing your muscles and unlocking your voice.
If you are serious about improving your voice then investing in yourself is the fastest way to get to where you want to be as a singer. Doing it alone often results in forming bad vocal habits and sets you back years, so it makes sense to get the correct instruction from the start. The Academy is the fraction of the cost of regular singing lessons and there are weekly payment plans available as well. Its a tiny investment in yourself and you deserve to have the voice you've always wanted.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! You are welcome to try out Week One of the Academy. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within 7 days of enrolling and I will give you a full refund. After 7 days, no refunds can be granted.

"Forget the need of a local teacher or a performance school if you are ready to become a singer. This intensive online course at Nicola Milan's Singing Academy has offered me more information than I could ever get in six months of academic learning.

Besides Nicola seems to live music 24/7 and that makes a course that goes beyond singing and gives you tools to become a real performer."

- Giuliano Laurenza, Singer/ Songwriter

"For the last several years I have been toying with playing professionally in live venues but felt that my voice lacked the range and strength to perform in-front-of an audience.

This affected my confidence and prevented me from attempting. I did try a few open mikes and felt I failed miserably. This added to my anxiety and fear. But that has all changed.

The Singers Secret Academy with Nicola Milan has been a godsend. Within a short period I have almost doubled my vocal range, and improved my vocal strength and confidence.

Now I believe I can put on a quality performance. This course allowed me to reactivate my goals of playing with the confidence I feel need to be able to enjoy and share.

I highly recommend this course, for those wishing to do the same."

- Paul Ferguson, Big Band Singer

"Nicola, wow! Your course is packed with good stuff. I'm going to be spending a lot of time going over everything. So far the biggest impact has been from raising my soft pallet. What a difference that made in my tone! It's affected my intonation as well. I'm not going flat as much. I've watched the whole course and practiced all the exercises at least once and now I'm going over it all again systematically and practicing the things that are difficult for me. It's all giving me great insights into all the different ways I can consciously affect my sound.

Of course I've really enjoyed all your videos. You've made them fun to watch. The material has definitely opened my mind around my singing, which I've always sort of taken for granted. Now I can see ways I can practice and improve. I can't tell you what that means to me. I'm very excited about it.

I'm sure there will be more ways I'm improving that I'll be able to articulate further down the road. Oh yes, articulation. That awareness has made a big difference already. And all the different voices I've learned I have. I had no idea and I'm looking forward to trying them all out and getting familiar with how to use them.

Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into your course. I know I'll be getting a lot out of it for a long time."

- Seth Bartlett, Singing Academy Student

"Dear Miss Nicola…. What I appreciate are your solid insights about improving tone, breathing & vocal technique—but also the very effective focus on the “inner game” of performing… For instance, how to perform if I have a cold…what to drink, what to avoid before performing. These are great pointers—and along with the variety of warm ups & other video instruction segments, they show your true experience as a Pro Singer…and someone who can do what she’s talking about.

You have a sincere and fun presence in the training videos, not afraid to show your humility and this makes your teaching even more effective. The course continues to give me a rich “library” of material to review, to refine and to blend into my more confident path as an entertainer. Who knew that an on line course could offer this variety of training? You surely Rock, Miss Milan. Best from your Hawaii fan… Forrest." - Forrest Arnold

- John Doe, Co-Founder, Impressive Company

"The course is really well designed and very helpful for singers and students of singing wishing to learn the fundamental and important aspects of singing and performing. Nicola places her emphasis on how correct breathing, articulation and intonation will push forward a singer’s development and believes these important areas are where dramatic improvement in singing can be made quickly. I found her course really very helpful." - Kelvin Robertson

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"Nicola is passionate about helping people get where they want to go in singing. Whether you want to join a band, sing at open mic nights or become a professional singer, her knowledge, commitment and drive to have her students succeed will get you there." - Margaret Smith

"I am so thankful I found Nicola’s Singing Academy. Nicola is lovely, a great mentor and it’s clear that she’s really passionate about helping other people improve their singing ability and achieve their dreams.

The course is informative, fun and it’s helped me improve my singing and technique so much. Already from the first week, I had started to see improvements in my vocal tone and breathing. It also really helped me with vocal consistency and understanding the very basics of how singing actually works.

It’s so rewarding to feel and hear the difference in your voice as you complete and implement the information and techniques from each section of the program. The course’s content is so useful and suitable for people at different levels.

If you’re a beginner, you can start from, and learn about the very foundations of singing, how to achieve the sound you want and grasp all the advanced techniques you’ve always dreamed of learning, whereas if you’re a more experienced singer, the course helps you get back to the basics of singing, helps you correct any bad habits you may have developed and gives you a deeper understanding of the technicalities of your voice that really gives you that backing knowledge and the confidence to start getting yourself out there. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to pursue a career in music."

- Vanessa Greene, Academy Student,

More student feedback about Nicola's Singing Academy

"Highly recommend the Academy. Following Nicola Milan’s easy instructions, my voice has improved tremendously. She is an amazingly talented vocalist as well as a gifted instructor! Thank you!" - Jenelle

"This course is very intensive but also very streamline. It’s a no nonsense, get to the point course. It makes me understand what singing is all about by the week. So far, I enjoy it very much. Thank you!" - Jane

"The Academy has really helped me to understand the range of my voice and how much more I can expand my capabilities as a singer. It has also challenged me to be more disciplined and more in tune with myself and my voice so that I can learn to really know who I am as a singer and what my style is." - Sarah

"I was looking for was for someone to take the time to show me how to sing without breaking the bank. I wanted to build a good solid foundation. I have friends who sing in cover bands, and my sister was even a piano teacher herself, but I never was able to find someone who could really teach someone who is a complete beginner. Your Academy is definitely what I’ve been looking for! Thank you!" - Anthony

"I’m only two and a half weeks into the Academy and I feel like I’ve already made more progress than I did with eight months with a local teacher. Nicola is excellent at breaking down things into tiny steps and encouraging us to master one thing before moving on to the next. I highly recommend this class!" - Melissa

"I am mainly a drummer and just getting in to singing recently. I’m one of the people that weren’t born with a golden voice, so I am so glad that I found SS Academy. The Academy goes through details of what your vocal instrument consists of and how sounds are produce. 3 weeks into the Academy, breathing has definitely improved and I can now sing for more than 30 minutes without vocal tension. Materials provided each week are easy to follow. Always looking forward to next week’s new materials. Happily singing!" - Mark Medina

" It’s amazing how it is possible take lessons from someone with talent and knowledge that is so far from me 😊 I’m Italian and I was thinking that make lessons in another language that is not mine, will be to much difficult, but is not ! You Nicola, make things really easy and it’s not so difficult understanding you ! Thank you." - Claudia

"I've joined a local Opera Company and I have little experience of singing. So the Academy has been a godsend for my training in an environment that gives me the foundations and structure to understand my voice/instrument. It's also helping me to understand the 'lingo' that muse's use. I have an Alto 1 range and love this register and am a Jazz fan too. Nicola, I think you're very generous with your clips and sharing of knowledge and I look forward to the next few weeks and an improvement with my voice. Cheers" - Tanya

"Not yet half way through the program, it already has brought me better understanding and use of the power of “singing from the diaphragm”, and it is rejuvenating my enthusiasm and giving me more confidence in singing." - Larry

"I'm getting ready to start week four, and the difference in my voice is just incredible.The exercises that you are asked to do are great. Some are a little hard, but if you put your all into it, you "will" have success at the end I'm sure. The key here is, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. It will be worth every minute you put into it in the end. Thank you Nicola for all your support, you are the best. - Billy

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